Monday, January 24, 2011

Wild Style Graffiti on the Grand Rapids Street Art

"Graffiti writing breaks the hegemonic hold of corporate / governmental style over the urban environment and the situations of daily life. As a form of aesthetic Sabotage, it interrupts the pleasant, efficient uniformity of" planned "urban space and predictable urban living. For the writers, graffiti disrupts the lived experience of mass culture, the passivity of mediated consumption. " - Jeff Ferrell, Crimes of Style.

Wild Style GraffitiWild Style Graffiti.Grand Rapids Street Art

Graffiti is art. Aesthetic criteria and Motives behind the artist's work far outweigh the arguments on Legality or unconventional presentation. (Stowers, Gadsby) The purpose of this research paper is to analyze and interpret graffiti's social significance as well as its intentional and unintentional goals. To understand this better, this paper presents Also a history of the community That surrounds the art form and analysis of Important characteristics of the culture.

Graffiti is the act of inscribing or drawing on walls for the purpose of communicating a message to the general public. The term comes from the Greek term "graphein," which means' to write. " Graffiti has been around since men first started drawing pictures in Caves. However, the focus of this paper is not on the pre-historic or amateur graffiti, but on the modern hip-hop graffiti That movement began in the late 1960's.

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